Devil May CryTM: Peak of Combat Closed Beta Test launches on March 23rd < RETURN TO LIST



The 3D action role-playing game Devil May Cry™: Peak of Combat, developed and released by NebulaJoy Games and authorized by Capcom, will have a Closed Beta Test on March 23rd. Participants in the game's official Social Media events can gain entry to the Closed Beta.

【Extreme experience - full of fire and action】

We have made various changes to the visual content, such as game scenes, character models, special effects, and UI, to present the chaotic world of demons and humans more realistically, with a focus on adjusting the texture of details to restore the scenes and combat look on a triple-A level image quality to the maximum extent, so that every demon hunter can immerse in the ultimate full-throttle action feast!


【Gameplay Innovations - Challenge without limits】

The goal of the Closed Beta is to present a triple-A level of experience in a thrilling dark Gothic world. You can explore a rich main story, enjoy the new and upgraded battle system, and control the familiar characters from the Devil May Cry series. Experience unprecedented gameplay modes, including roguelike instance, platforming, and the PVP mode!!

【The Legend returns in the new chapter】

Knight of the Order - Nero returns in DMC: POC.

Nero was featured in the "Devil May Cry 4" as one of the protagonists in the DMC series, who is as well-known as Dante, Vergil, and Lady. Nero has his unique combat style and still carries his signature Blue Rose with the Red Queen. You may experience the character in the Closed Beta on March 23rd.

During the development process, new characters will be introduced. In the main chapters, we integrated a new story and character settings to present a more detailed look of each character's backstory. We've included additional scenes to match the DMC atmosphere.

The content mentioned in the article will be offered to you in the closed beta on March 23rd, when you will be able to access and experience the game.

And we'd want to emphasize once more: The Devil May CryTM: Peak of Combat Closed Beta begins on March 23rd!

Demon hunters, the pre-registration is now open: